Adonis Belt 101: How To Shred Fat And Get An Adonis Belt

Have you ever wanted to shred love handles and get an adonis belt as fast as possible? In this article, I am going to be realistic with you on how long it will really take, however, I don’t want you to quit because quite frankly, most people fall off the band wagon when they don’t see results.

So here’s the encouragement I want to give you before proceeding. Even if you feel like you cannot shred off the pounds, you have an adonis belt underneath all of the weight you want to lose.

I want you to get excited because when you have the right mentality to go for your goals and achieve them, nothing will stop you. In fact, if you get in to the right state of mind every day, you will see results over time.

So let’s talk about the right mindset you need in order to succeed because let’s face it, without the right mentality, you’re screwed.

Develop a Never Quit Mentality

adonis belt

Why do we have to talk about mindset? Well you see most people talk really down on themselves when they don’t see results in the amount of time that they want to see it. And here’s what happens in result, they throw in a towel and stop altogether.

This is why I want to address this now before proceeding. Do you catch yourself self-sabotaging when you aren’t seeing the results? I really want you to ask yourself that because most people do this. Whether you want to admit it or not, most people in the fitness space will get frustrated.

That means what we must do before I get in to the details of the diet and exercises, we must be realistic with ourselves. I want you to set realistic goals. Because then and only then can we tackle them.

Introducing Adonis, The Lover of Aphrodite

adonis belt

Something you probably didn’t know is that in greek mythology, Adonis seduced Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. What a legend that guy is, I want to personally congratulate this historical guy.

He was one of the most attractive and aesthetic beings to ever exist, in fact, all of the goddesses wanted him. I mean go figure, this guy is my hero.

What can we conclude from this is that the adonis belt that you have (yes you have it underneath your love handles) it represents health signs and that you are more fertile to women.

Because in case you didn’t know, lower body fat communicates high testosterone levels. Yep, Adonis clearly crushed it with the girls, but I’m sure he had good game on top of that, so don’t feel insecure about it my friend.

So the adonis belt is exactly that, it’s that little groove that goes around your waist. And you can reveal it. But firstly, I must have a heart to heart conversation with you and why you must address your diet before getting in to the exercises.

The Reason Why Diet is Number One to Get An Adonis Belt

adonis belt

As you can see here, I have very little body fat (7% to be exact) however, my friend, this is a side benefit of working my ass off to get an adonis belt and develop my core strength.

However, the diet is what you must pay attention to more than the exercises because most people don’t know this but you should NEVER train it the way you lift weights. Why?

Because this is a ligament that is revealed over time that takes several years to reveal. That means you have to must put your focus on diet if you want to reveal your adonis belt.

You can check out these three recipes for muscle gains, however, I want to be clear about one thing, just because they are for muscle gains doesn’t mean you can’t shred fat. 

In fact, in case you didn’t know, macronutrients is how you can shred your body completely. Protein is critical, it can be said that I shredded my body by eating eggs after doing HIIT training on top of oblique work (which is the Adonis Belt) and it took years for me to see it.

The reason why diet is number one to get an adonis belt is because without the right diet, you might as well not follow this plan I’m giving you. As I addressed in the beginning, you must have the right mindset.

Without the right mindset, you won’t be able to discipline yourself to shred your love handles off because of your victim mentality! So let’s start being more kind to yourself.

 Now it’s time that I show you how to shred the love handles and get an adonis belt.

How To Get an Adonis Belt The Right Way

adonis belt
Adonis belt

Here’s what I want you to do, buy a jump rope my friend, because warming up is really important.

You cannot jump in to a workout cold. In fact, this warm-up is GUARANTEED to get your body in fat burning mode.

I’ve trained clients several clients that lost a lot of weight and the reason is because of spiking the heart rate up instantly.

Now let’s get in to the exercises that I want you to implement (every day) yes you heard that right EVERY DAY!

Jump Rope / 60 seconds

Stability Ball Crunch / 60 seconds

Stability Ball Core Circles / 30 seconds clockwise and 30 seconds counterclockwise

Russian Rows / 60 seconds

Hanging Reverse Crunch / 60 seconds

So here’s why I choose these exercises.

Firstly, we have to spike the heart rate as soon as possible.

Secondly, the stability ball crunch helps you target the abs ASAP.

Thirdly, core circles are incredibly powerful for core strength and control.

Now, this is where we target the adonis belt with the Russian rows. This is only done right when you rotate correctly.

The hanging reverse crunch is designed to tackle lower abs and eliminates the hip flexor movement when you’re not on the floor.

(Exercise Demonstration Video of Crunch and Core Circles to get an Adonis belt)

Common Mistakes When Training Adonis Belt

Here is mistake number one and the most obvious. You start incorporating side bends. This is not a good exercise as I said, this is a LIGAMENT.

Why I have to say that is mind blowing, I’ve seen people hurt themselves doing side bends!

Second mistake is you forget to work the adonis belt and you only target the abs. And this right here is extremely common.

I often see guys just doing crunches (which do have their place) but then they forget rotational work and leave the gym!

And then you wonder why you cannot lose stubborn fat. 

Let’s say you do these exercises I listed out, if you don’t see it as soon as you want, the mistake you are making is you expect results too soon.

 And then you wonder why you cannot lose stubborn fat. 

Let’s say you do these exercises I listed out, if you don’t see it as soon as you want, the mistake you are making is you expect results too soon.

It takes every day work and not stopping when you feel down in the dumps.

Here’s what you do when you feel that way, train your state of mind by getting to the gym!!

Because if you don’t, you’re likely going to feel worse when you don’t workout.

A Few Notes on The Workout

Adonis belt

If you notice that jumping rope is hard for you, don’t get frustrated my friend. It took me several failures to get good.

I’m sure it will do the same for you. And if you’re nervous to jump, just do it, take action in spite of fear.

You get better over time and the nerves will go away.

I cannot stress enough the importance of training core strength so if the exercise ball seems stupid to you, TRUST ME!

You don’t want to overlook not training the smaller muscle groups as they stabilize your core.

And if you have poor balance, this will help you get better balance, but you have to do it consistently.

If hanging core work is too much starting out, use parallel bars or do reverse crunches on the floor.

Also for the core circles, you gotta be careful with your balance. The key is for you to engage the transverse abdominus

Be Consistent or You Won’t See Results

Adonis belt

Here’s my warning to you my friend, one day off means you won’t see results. So here’s my recommendation of how often you should train your core because you’ll only get better at jumping rope if your consistent.

If you follow that to a tee, then you will see results. But when you quit, hate to call you out but you’re being soft.

The minute you stop doing this workout, is the minute you fall off track.

So be consistent, and make the meals on top of it. They are REALLY good and you get in some good protein.

The Bottom Line

adonis belt
Adonis belt

I will say this as a disclaimer to everything I recommended, you have to following your own fitness level. And I want you to train smart.

Don’t overtrain because you can do too much which will get you out of the gym.

The bottom line is for you to listen to your body, pace yourself and wear a heart rate monitor if you have to.

Because jumping rope is high impact.

I also quickly want to address drinking apple cider vinegar for shredding.

I strongly encourage you to do that to shred your body. But moderation my friend, don’t drink the whole bottle.

Follow the instructions, drink it with some water. 

Lastly, don’t fall in to the BS myths that the fitness industry shoves down your throat and get shiny object syndrome.

Stick with one program at a time, and like I said, train your body smart.

Stick with the three food dishes I recommended you.

And you will absolutely crush it my friend. I’ll see you soon and feel comfortable to comment any takeaways below.

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