Andrew Tate Workout Routine: The Ultimate 2023 Guide (LEAKED?)

Andrew Tate on airplane
Andrew Tate workout routine

Andrew Tate has taken over the internet, and there’s no secret why. He simply has mastered every area of his life and inspires many to be like him. You want to learn how to look like him, so today, we’re going over the Andrew Tate workout routine, and how to get his physique. Before we get too far into it, let’s dive into who he is.

Who Is Andrew Tate?

Tate, who is 35 years old, used to be a professional kickboxer. He is now an entrepreneur and content creator, and at his own “Hustlers University,” which he started, he teaches an online course on “modern wealth creation.”

In a recent interview, he talked about his own wealth and said: “For a long time, I had no money. I made my first million when I was about 27. By the time I was 31, I had 100 million, and I just recently became a trillionaire.”

He had a pretty successful career in kickboxing. He also won world titles in two different weight classes.

Andrew first became known outside of sports when he was on the 2016 season of Big Brother in the UK. That season ended in a controversial way, which is how he first became known outside of sports. Now, he’s started to take over the internet appearing every time you go on instagram, twitter or tik tok.

Now enough about who his background, let’s get into the Andrew Tate workout routine.

Andrew Tate Lifting

andrew tate workout routine
Andrew Tate workout routine

Andrew Tate is a huge fan of staying in shape, but doesn’t like the idea of spending hours in the gym. A 30 minute to 1 hour workout is plenty for him. You’re probably asking yourself- how does he stay in such good shape without spending all that much time in the gym?

It’s pretty simple-

He focuses on cardio, calisthenics, and simple lifts. Bench press, curls, squats, etc all are in Andrew Tates routine. Most normal people will not be able to pull this off. The reason Tate is able to do it is because he has a high testosterone lifestyle.

High testosterone will naturally increase your muscle mass, lower bodyfat %, and overall make you in better shape. Notice he doesn’t look like Arnold Schwartznegger, that’s not the goal. His goal is to be in as good of shape as possible without spending hours in the gym.

Again, why is he in such good shape?

The Andrew Tate workout routine is based around a high testosterone lifestyle.

Here’s how to start a high testosterone lifestyle according to Tate:

  • Exercise daily
  • Have a purpose
  • Spend time conquering the world
  • Spend time with your boys

You can also check out my guide on 7 simple ways to boost testosterone.

Andrew Tate Workout Routine

Andrew Tate workout routine results above

I can’t give away the exact Andrew Tate workout routine, because that would be straight up wrong. I personally don’t use it, but for those who want to have similar results- here is a basic idea of what he does:

  • Cardio- boxing, jump roping, etc
  • Weights- Pushups, situps, air squats
  • Free Weights- Bench press, military press, barbell curls and squats.

As said on his website

“Get up
Pack a bag
Sit in traffic
Park your car
Sign in
Work out
Back in the car
Back into traffic

It simply takes TOO LONG.

Its a waste of time and a waste of energy and very expensive.

Wouldnt it be better if you could wake up at 8:30 and be finished training by 9am from HOME with less than 50dollars of equipment?

This allows you to be showered and ready to go at 9am while also getting in perfect shape.

You will be more motivated to work out knowing it is quick and you see FAST results.

Everybody has 20mins a day to spare, not everybody has 3 hours for the entire gym fiasco.

This course will change your body. Build muscle, lose fat, and finally have the body of professional athletes with tips and tricks from a kickboxing WORLD CHAMPION.”


Andrew Tate also says lifting weights are a waste of time, and you should just do push ups instead. He says to do a thousand a day.

This form of training is not ideal for everyone.

Exercise Circuit (FREE)

Andrew Tate workout routine

Here I put together a circuit workout you can complete in around a half hour. This is based off of little to no equipment. This is similar to the actual Andrew Tate workout routine.

  • Pushups (as many as possible)
  • Squats (as many as possible)
  • Pull ups (as many as possible)
  • Sit ups (as many as possible)

You should repeat this with subbing in chin ups for pull ups and leg raises for sit ups. You can even add in a several minute long plank.

Also- when I say as many as possible I mean go until your muscles start burning, and then go a little bit longer. There’s no reason you should go for hundreds of reps. 100 push ups at a time max.

The Andrew Tate workout routine can be completed relatively quickly, and you will get a huge pump from it too due to the high reps. Calisthenics (pushups, pull ups, etc) are all amazing for muscle growth and increased strength.

Be sure to add in jump roping and boxing in the Andrew Tate workout routine. Even though it sucks, some forms of cardio are critical. Personally, I make my cardio fun and hit the punching bag at my local gym.

Again, this kind of exercising will get you in good shape, but you won’t have huge beach muscles. It’s more of a functionality workout. If you’re serious about getting jacked, I recommend using my fitness program “Workout of The Gods.”


The Andrew Tate workout routine is probably not for you. If you’re anything like me (a gym rat) you want to spend more than 30 minutes working out and you want to lift weights.

Tates exercise routine won’t let you do that. I will say however, that it should be used by those pressed for time in the gym.

You should use my lifting routine anyone can follow.

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