Bad Chest Genetics: Here are 5 Easy Steps To Fix Bad Genes

Look, we all go to the gym to look good right? If you have bad chest genetics, that can be extremely hard to do. Today, we’re going to go over how to overcome and build a better chest, regardless of your genetics.

First off, you need to understand that you can’t change the shape of your muscles. Everyone has a different physique, and everyone will look differently.

Unfortunately, if your chest refuses to grow, or just isn’t shaped how you like, that’s due to genetics. Luckily, you can shock the muscle and make it grow bigger.

Let’s get to it.

Start Exercising Chest More

Bad Chest Genetics

If you’re lacking in a certain muscle group, the quickest answer is to start working it out more! It seems obvious, but most people think they have “bad genetics” because they never try.

Don’t hit chest more than 2-3 times a week.

Look- if you’re only exercising your chest once a week, you probably don’t have bad chest genetics, you’re just not exercising right.

It’s really simple, if you want more of something, do more of it! Be careful though, because you don’t want to overtrain and hurt yourself.

Pay attention to your body, and don’t ignore shoulder pain while doing chest exercises. Trust me, getting injured because you were overtraining isn’t worth it.

You should also be using high-volume training for a bigger chest. This means high reps and lots of sets. Let’s dive into that a little more with the next tip.

Get A Good Chest Routine

Having an actual chest workout will change everything for you. But what does a good chest workout look like if you think you have bad chest genetics?

Well, ideally, you should do compound chest exercises first and isolation chest exercises after.

A compound exercise is one that uses more than one muscle group such as benching. An isolation exercise is one that only targets one muscle group.

You should combine the two for maximum gains.

An ideal chest workout like this would look like this:

Chest Workout Sample:

  • Bench press- 5×5
  • Incline bench- 5×5
  • Dumbell chest flyes- 4×8-12
  • Cable flyes- 4×8-12

You should lift heavy on the compound lifts, and leave 1-3 reps in reserve.

That means that you should be able to rep 1-3 more times than your last rep. For isolation exercises, try to get between 8-12 reps.

If you can’t get 8 reps, you’re lifting too heavy. Conversely, if you can get more than 12, you’re lifting too light. Fail between 8-12.

Build Your Shoulders

bad chest genetics
Bad Chest Genetics

Ok- this guy doesn’t have a super well build chest. I wouldn’t say he has good chest genetics, but not super bad chest genetics either.

What he did to make up for that is he trained his shoulders to get a big, broad look.

The ideal physique has a v-taper, and having huge shoulders will help you achieve that. If you train your shoulders enough, you can actually make up for having bad chest genetics.

Think about it, your chest makes you look big, but your shoulders are really what makes you look even bigger.

If you have tried everything, and still can’t get jacked, train your shoulders more to make up for what you lack.

It’s kind of like how girls use makeup, they put it on to cover up what they’re lacking; although in this case, we have to work for it.

Train Your Back

bad chest genetics
Bad Chest Genetics

Just like your shoulders, your back can make up for bad chest genetics.

Your upper back especially will help you get an insane v-taper and a built look. If you aren’t training back, you’re missing out on tons of gains.

Your back actually makes up a ton of your upper body, so building more of it naturally makes your upper body look bigger.

With bad chest genetics, a big back will help cover up your small chest. You’ll still look like you have a built upper body, regardless of what your chest genetics are like.

I personally like doing wide grip chin-ups and bent over rows to grow my upper back. I also make sure and hit traps to get a proportional build.

Plus, once you get a solid back, it’s actually easier to build chest muscle. This is because lots of the lifts that target your chest also hit your back muscles. For example, bench press. If you wanted to bench more, I would say to grow your lats, triceps, and biceps.

Eat More Protein

bad chest genetics
Bad Chest Genetics

Do you know what builds muscle?


Calories and protein are the biggest builders of muscle, and if you’re deficient in any of them, it’s extremely hard to grow. Nutrition will certainly fix Bad Chest Genetics.

That’s why vegans are so damn skinny, they don’t consume enough protein so they’re literally skin and bones.

If you eat like a vegan, you’ll look like a vegan. Start upping your protein intake today.

Space it out every three hours or so too, and it’s critical you have protein before bed. Because protein is the building block of muscle, you need to constantly have it in your system. Protein deficiency will lead to muscle wasting, and you’ll quite literally be wasting your time in the gym.

Have eggs and meat for breakfast, and protein bars as snacks throughout the day. Eat chicken and rice for lunch, and another form of meat for dinner. Before bed, have a protein shake or another high-quality form of protein.

If you’re really serious and don’t mind waking up in the middle of the night, you can have protein in the middle of the night as well. Serious bodybuilders like zyzz would wake up in the middle of the night to consume protein. A midnight protein snack if you will.

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