Best Supplements To Shred Fat On The Market: Melt Fat Off Your Body!

best supplements to shred fat

Gentlemen, cutting season is coming up and we all know that we have to shred down. And let’s be honest- shredding fat is hard. That’s why I’ll be reviewing the best supplements to shred fat so we can get an edge.

After all, we want to be able to walk around shirtless all summer showing off a sexy 6-pack. The best supplements to shred fat will help you on your way to sculpting a greek god like body.

Before we get too far into the article, I highly reccomend you lean the basics of shredding fat first.

These basics include:

  • Eating At A Caloric Deficit
  • Eating Healthy
  • Having A Good Workout Routine

If you don’t haven’t learned the basics yet, go and read my ultimate guide on how to shred fat. That will cover everything you need to know about shredding fat.

Now that you know how to shred fat, it’s time to get a little extra help with the best supplements to shred fat.

Supplement Type Brand
Fat BurnerPrime Shred
Yohimbine Yohimbine HCL
Pre-WorkoutGorilla Mode

Best Supplements To Get Shredded:

Prime Shred

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best supplements to shred fat

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Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

best supplements to shred fat
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best supplements to shred fat

Now that we’ve had a quick overview of the best supplements to shred fat, it’s time to get into why and how they shred fat.

All these supplements will help you shred fat so you can get the lean, cut and dry look.

Prime Shred For Fat Loss

best supplements to shred fat

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Prime shred is #1 on this list, and there’s a reason to it too. It’s arguably the top fat shredding supplement on the market right now!

The reason prime shred is so great is because it helps you shred fat in three different ways:

  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Fat burning ingredients
  • Fights hunger and energy loss

Prime shred speeds up your metabolism. Due to its caffeine content, (225 mg), a faster metabolism burns more fat. The fat burning ingredients in prime shred are also just as great. For example: L-Tyrosine, Green Tea Root Extract, and Rhodiola Rosea Root are all proven to assist in fat loss.

The real magic comes from Prime Shreds ability to help keep you going during the day, especially when your body doesn’t have the amount of energy it’s used to to function.

Aside from caffeine, Prime Shreds ingredients such as L-Theanine are made for focus, in other words nootropics. These nootropics will keep your mind going strong during the day when you’re at a caloric deficit.

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Prime Shred Benefits:

  • Shreds fat in 3 ways
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Boosts energy
  • Fights hunger
  • Nootropic qualities

Prime shred is point blank one of the best supplements for fat loss on the market.

Yohimbine For Shredding Fat

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I recently discovered yohimbine, and I’m glad I did. Yohimbine is more of a secret supplement to shred fat.

Yohimbine is an a2-blocker (alpha-2-receptor antagonist) that causes your body to produce more noradrenaline. This supplement is comparable to other stimulants like caffeine in that it activates the sympathetic nervous system’s “fight-or-flight” response and boosts energy expenditure, but it hits distinct receptors, giving it a few unique features. It increases blood flow.

It basically turns your bodies fat loss mode to “on.”

Funny enough, it’s originally made for dogs, but that doesn’t stop bodybuilders and gym bros alike from using it! Because yohimbine can be dangerous at high dosages (like all supplements), view the chart below to figure out how much you should be taking:

BodyweightMg of Yohimbine Per DayHow many 2.5 capsules

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Yohimbine Benefits:

  • Shred fat
  • Speed up metabolism
  • Increases blood flow

Pre-Workout For Fat Loss

best supplements to shred fat
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Like primeshred, pre-workout is also used to boost your metabolism and give you more energy.

The best pre-workout for fat loss is easily gorilla mode pre-workout. This is due to its high caffeine content. Gorilla mode contains 350 mg of caffeine, which is a ton.

That’s enough caffeine to make your metabolism speed up faster than Usain Bolt.

The other benefit to gorilla mode is that it gives you tons of energy. When you’re shredding fat, you’re obviously going to be at a caloric deficit.

Less calories = less energy which = a worse workout. That’s why it’s critical to have a good pre-workout before you lift when you’re cutting.

Gorilla Mode Benefits:

  • High stimulant
  • Gives tons of energy (high caffeine)
  • Boosts metabolism
  • “Locked in” feeling



Cardarine gets mixed in with a group of safe chemicals that are great for getting jacked called SARMs. If you’ve heard of cardarine before, this is probably what it was introduced to you as.

Funny enough- cardarine isn’t actually a SARM because it’s not anabolic. It actually activates the Peroxisome Proliferator Receptor which is different from most SARMs.

Cardarine is well known to shred fat, as well as boost endurance. Cardarine also does a ton of other great things, such as: Lowering LDL cholesterol levels, to reduce the risk of heart attacks. Along with that, a study shows cardarine even fights off cancer!

It also has anti-inflammatory characteristics may protect brain cells from oxidative stress and may aid in the reduction of renal inflammation.
Cardarine also has nitric oxide which increases vascularity (AKA it gets your veins popping).

The best place to get cardarine is from Rats Army, which you can get by clicking on one of the buttons in this section.


Cardarine Benefits:

  • Shreds fat
  • Safe
  • Health benefits
  • Increases endurance

Cardarine is one of the best supplements to shred fat, so I highly recommend you get your hands on some if you’re serious about losing weight. Keep in mind that this kind of supplement should only be consumed by serious lifters and those over the age of 18.

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