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Gym Words Slang 101: (The Easiest Guide On The Internet)

Alright. Maybe you’re new to the gym, or maybe you’ve been going for ages. Either way, it’s critical you learn this list of common gym words so you can communicate with other people while you workout. Let’s get into it. Gym Word Bulking Bulking is the process of adding mass, specifically muscle mass, by consuming more calories than the body burns. During this phase, the extra calories are used to build muscle. Some individuals may choose to engage in a less healthy approach known as “dirty bulking,” which involves consuming any type of food available in large quantities, such as

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Medial Head Tricep Exercises (Science Backed INSANE Growth!)

STOP. HAVING. SMALL. TRICEPS! I bet you didn’t know that triceps make up 70% of your arms total mass. That’s why we’re going over to the medial head tricep exercises today. What exactly is the medial head? It’s the “bottom” of your tricep. This image describes it better than I ever could in words: Of course, while growing the medial head of your triceps, you don’t want to neglect the rest of your triceps. Check out my article on the all around best tricep exercises. The medial head of the triceps is the hardest to grow. Not gonna lie. But,

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Tate Press Guide: MASSIVE ARM GROWTH? (Update 2023)

How to do a Tate press Today, we’re going over how to do the Tate press. Assume a position similar to a bench press with a slight arch in your back. Ground your feet firmly, engage your core, and pull your shoulder blades down. Begin with the dumbbells directly above your shoulders as you would with a standard dumbbell chest press. Bring the dumbbells down to your chest by bending your elbows, ensuring that your triceps remain engaged throughout to maintain muscle tension and stimulate growth. Maintain control over the dumbbells as you extend your elbows to push the dumbbells

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Neutral Grip Pulldown 101: (Get A Massive Back)

Today, we’re going over how to do the neutral grip pulldown. Muscles worked, form guides, and how to use it to build muscle. This exercise targets your upper back muscles, primarily your lats. The neutral grip pulldown is a exercise machine exercise that primarily targets the lats (the primary muscle) as well as the biceps and shoulders (secondary muscles). The only neutral grip pulldown equipment that you really need is a lat pulldown machine. Be sure and use the correct bar though. Do not use a classic lat pulldown bar. Keep in mind there is a great variety of neutral

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Boyer Coe Workout: Old School Bodybuilding Secrets

Boyer Coe is a true gentleman and one of the most charismatic figures in the sport of bodybuilding. He is even listed on the greatest fizeeks of all time. Boyer Coe began his bodybuilding journey as many young men do: a kid lifting dumbbells in his parent’s garage. He eventually outgrew the old dumbbells and joined a nearby gym. Boyer knew he wanted to be a bodybuilder the moment he saw a muscle magazine in a local corner store. He was taken aback by the He-man on the cover. Young Boyer made up his mind right then and there that

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Creatine Before and After Pics: My Incredible Results (Update 2023)

I started taking creatine in December of 2022. That’s when I took that first picture. The second picture was in December of 2023. My creatine before and after pics are quite incredible. Of course, I was doing a serious bulk and transforming my physique but creatine certainly helped with that. Today, I’m telling you my story of creatine: My story will be after these handful of pictures, so scroll down if you want to hear it first! Creatine Transformation This is my creatine transformation. Pretty incredible right? Of course, I’m bigger now that it’s been a solid 8 months since

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Bucked Up Pump Ocalypse Review: (User Tested 2023!)

I purchased bucked ups pump ocalypse pump formula a week ago. Today, I’ll be going over a full bucked up pump ocalypse review. First off, let’s go over why you should consider using pump ocalypse. Basically, pump ocalypse increases nitric oxide in the body, which leads to a greater blood flow. Blood flow leads to more nutrient distribution, bigger muscles, and even more muscular endurance! I won’t make you jacked overnight, however it will help your workouts be better so you can recover better. Of course, there are tons of great fitness supplements that will speed up your process of

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7 Best Nootropics For Fitness: #2 Is Like CRACK (Update 2023)

Almost every pre workout contains a nootropic in it to help you focus in the gym. Unfortunately, many of these pre workouts are very undressed. That’s why you should take the best nootropics for fitness outside of your pre workout, preferably in powder or capsule form. Today, we’re going over what those are. First off, I’d like to cover why you should use a nootropic to enhance your performance in the gym. We all come to the gym at some point in our day. Whether it’s after work, school or hanging out with friends, we’re all usually pretty drained. Our

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Xtend BCAA Review: My Honest Product Experience 2023

I personally have taken XTEND BCAAs for about 3 months now. This post will be a XTEND BCAA review. We’ll also look at how the 1170mg Electrolyte blend per serving helps you stay hydrated and give a summary based on what I found when I tried it. My Experience With XTEND BCAAs I started supplementing BCAAs about a month ago. Here’s what I’ve found: My XTEND BCAA Review: Once I started taking them, I felt way more endurance. Overall, better and more healthy. I suspect it has something to do with the electrolytes inside. My hydration also improved. I remember

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EAAS vs BCAAs: Everything You Need to Know In 2023

EAAS vs BCAAS. Over the past year, they gained considerable interest in promoting athletic nutrition. It began off as theoretical benefits when introducing BCAA doses during training quickly became a real-world reality. But research has shown BCAA use has fewer benefits than consuming dietary supplements. A number of health enthusiasts have also cited shortcomings in their BCAA supplement protocols. EAAS are also shown to be better than BCAAs. Today, we’re going to uncover the truth. Which is best for you? EAA vs. BCAA In short- both EAAs and BCAAs are good for you, however they’re used for different purposes. Overall,

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