Neutral Grip Pulldown 101: (Get A Massive Back)

Today, we’re going over how to do the neutral grip pulldown. Muscles worked, form guides, and how to use it to build muscle. This exercise targets your upper back muscles, primarily your lats. The neutral grip pulldown is a exercise machine exercise that primarily targets the lats (the primary muscle) as well as the biceps […]

4 Simple Bulking Recipes For This Fall

By Patrik For us living in the northern hemisphere, fall/winter is upon us meaning colder weather &darkness. Food to be eaten during this time tastes best when it’s comforting: hearty, warm,and gives you a feeling of being home. Fall/winter also commonly means bulking season for (aspiring) gym bros. Given this, why notcombine the two themes […]

Boyer Coe Workout: Old School Bodybuilding Secrets

Boyer Coe is a true gentleman and one of the most charismatic figures in the sport of bodybuilding. He is even listed on the greatest fizeeks of all time. Boyer Coe began his bodybuilding journey as many young men do: a kid lifting dumbbells in his parent’s garage. He eventually outgrew the old dumbbells and […]

B Stance Hip Thrust: Your Ultimate A-Z Guide (2022)

What Is The B Stance Hip Thrust? The B Stance Hip Thrust is an amazing exercise you can use to isolate one leg. With the exception of one adjustment to our feet, the b stance hip thrust is identical to a regular hip thrust. One of our feet will touch the floor with its heel, […]

The Ultimate Guide To Foam Rolling: Benefits, How-To, & More

Have you ever heard of foam rolling and all of the supposed benefits that are supposed to come with it but don’t know how to get started? If so, then this guide is for YOU because today we’ll be breaking down what it is, the benefits, how to use a foam roller, as well as […]

Helms Row Guide: Insane Back Growth? (Update 2022)

The helms row is a variation of the dumbbell row that will pack on insane muscle mass to your back. It’s a more isolated variation, which means you will hit the targeted back muscle 10x harder than usual. Today, we’re going over the helms row guide with everything you need to know. This dumbbell row […]

What Muscles Do Pull Ups Work? A-Z Crash Course 2022

Pull ups are one of my favorite exercises to use for packing on muscle mass. Strength, aesthetics, and size are all benefits of doing them. Today, we’re talking about what muscles do pull ups work. Pull ups are an absolute must in your workout routine. They provide a broad range of benefits that go far […]

Skinny Buff: 7 Easy Tips For Skinny Guys Getting Buff

I remember being a skinny little 15 year old guy thinking “how on earth do I put some size on?” After scouring the internet for hours and hours I thought I had found a good method. I had played football at the time so I was skinny buff, but just not at the size I […]

Clancy Ross: (Who Was This Golden Era Bodybuilder?)

clancy ross

Clancy Ross, who was born in California, had a difficult upbringing. His life had a less than ideal start due to the loss of his mother at a young age and his many moves between foster homes. Clancy Ross is one of just two persons to have ever defeated Steve Reeves in a competition in […]

Muscle Groups To Work Together For Maximum Growth: (2022)

There are so many different workout splits and exercise routines online, it’s impossible to know which one is actually best. Today, we’re going over muscle groups to work together so you can maximize gains in the gym. Thousands of “doctors and experts” claim to know what’s best while they’re either skinny or overweight. Why listen […]