Creatine Before and After Pics: My Incredible Results (Update 2023)

I started taking creatine in December of 2022. That’s when I took that first picture. The second picture was in December of 2023. My creatine before and after pics are quite incredible.

Of course, I was doing a serious bulk and transforming my physique but creatine certainly helped with that. Today, I’m telling you my story of creatine:

  • How to take it
  • Where to buy it
  • How to maximize gains
  • Others creatine before and after pics

My story will be after these handful of pictures, so scroll down if you want to hear it first!

My Creatine Before And After

creatine before and after

Before and After Pics of Creatine Users

These are not my results, just other peoples on the internet. I share my creatine experience below.

Everyone showing creatine before and after pics have pretty incredible results.

creatine before and after pics
Creatine before and after pics

“My first workout with creatine for some reason I thought I was going  to be Rambo. My max bench is 190 at the time. This is 170 I believe I do it for seven. So obviously I did get a lot stronger. I have to try to do 185. I don’t know how many times I could do that but definitely do it a lot more than I was doing a PPL for 6 days a week . 

I took  20 grams for three days and then got lazy and took 10 grams in the morning for two days. After that, it’s a 5, I missed a few days. The results after 30 days. I think you know there’s a little bit of some more definition but it’s only 30 days so like it’s typically expect too much. I definitely feel better. Anyway, I gained like six pounds. At the beginning I weight 161. Now, going up to 167-169 pounds.”

creatine before and after pics
Creatine before and after pics

“I decided to take it for seven days which then turned into 14 days and here are the visual differences between day 1 and 14. showing you the anterior posterior and natural pictures. this is an anecdotal experiment to see the effects of creatine.

However, seven days isn’t enough but I’m in a leaner state in terms of body fat as i am seven weeks off from competition being this lean i think we can see a difference or possibly see a difference in my physique seven days especially with that intramuscular drawing of water to the muscle. This was how i looked at 173 pounds before creatine and this is two weeks after creatine at a peak of 179.8 pounds”

creatine before and after pics
Creatine before and after pics

“I haven’t used creatine so I figured I would use it for 30 days and document my journey. I gained some solid strength and size even though I didn’t have access to a lot of weights. Just remember.. YOU can Workout anywhere!”

How To Take Creatine:

Creatine is very simple to take- you just scoop it out of a tub, put it in a blender bottle or shake, and drink it.

You don’t need to worry about flavors, mixing, etc if you get a simple flavorless creatine powder.

I like the one by optimum nutrition. Personally, I take my creatine right after I workout, unless I have creatine in my pre workout. It really doesn’t matter when you take it, just do whatever works best for you.

Benefits Of Creatine:

  1. Increased muscle strength and power: Creatine helps to increase the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) available in your muscles, which is the primary energy source used during exercise. By increasing ATP levels, creatine helps to improve your muscle strength and power, allowing you to lift heavier weights and perform more reps.
  2. Increased muscle size: Creatine helps to draw water into your muscle cells, which can increase their size and volume. This can help to create a more muscular and defined physique.
  3. Improved exercise capacity: Creatine can also help to improve your exercise capacity, allowing you to work out harder and for longer periods of time. This can help to improve your overall fitness and performance.
  4. Faster recovery: Creatine has been shown to help reduce muscle damage and inflammation, which can lead to faster recovery times between workouts.
  5. Improved brain function: Creatine has also been shown to have cognitive benefits, such as improving memory and concentration.

Where To Buy Creatine:

The price of creatine has gone up drastically over the past year, but it’s still not as expensive as other fitness supplements. Protein powder, mass gainer and pre workout all are 2-3x more expensive.

Regardless, you can get creatine from amazon, local stores and GNC. I recommend getting it from amazon just because you can buy it in bulk.

This creatine by nutricost (which I have personally tried) will last you for about 3 months at 5g a day.

How To Make The Most Out Of Creatine:

Take creatine at 5g a day with some sort of liquid. Sometimes, I’ll have it come with my pre workout but if not, I just take it when I get home from the gym.

The key to making the most out of creatine (or anything fitness related) is to be consistent. You can’t just randomly take creatine a couple times a week and expect to see any sort of progress. Who knows, maybe you’ll be taking some creatine before and after pics next.

It’s critical that you take it every day. It’s also critical that you go to the gym and follow your workout schedule. You can’t just take creatine and magically see muscles pop up like popcorn. Most people don’t even know how to build muscle though.

Read my ultimate guide on how to get jacked (if you haven’t yet) for an in depth lesson on fitness.

If you’re just skimming, I’ll give you the short principles to make you jacked.

Build Muscle First

This only applies if you’re not completely obese. If you are obese, you should shred some fat first.

Now that we’ve got that big problem out of the way (pun intended) let’s go over how to build muscle.

Here’s what I did to put on 30 lbs in 6 months:

  • Go to the gym 6 days a week
  • Eat at a caloric surplus
  • Consume tons of protein
  • Take creatine, pre workout
  • Train for hypertrophy and strength
  • Train with intensity

That’s really all you have to do to build muscle. The most important in that list are eating at a caloric surplus and training with intensity. I recommend you check out my workout of the Gods program for a lifting schedule.

Shred Fat Second

Once you’ve established a good base of muscle, you can finally cut down and shred fat. Think of this as “sculpting” your physique. Everything will pop. Your muscles will be more defined, and you’ll feel better.

If you want to take your physique to the next level, then definitely consider buying my top tier workout program: “WORKOUT OF THE GODS

It’s SPECIFICALLY designed to get you a greek god-like physique that is guaranteed to turn heads and earn you respect. This is the #1 way to ensure that you’ll get ripped in 3 months, even if you’ve never been to the gym

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