Gym Words Slang 101: (The Easiest Guide On The Internet)

Alright. Maybe you’re new to the gym, or maybe you’ve been going for ages. Either way, it’s critical you learn this list of common gym words so you can communicate with other people while you workout.

Let’s get into it.

Gym Word Bulking

gym words

Bulking is the process of adding mass, specifically muscle mass, by consuming more calories than the body burns.

During this phase, the extra calories are used to build muscle. Some individuals may choose to engage in a less healthy approach known as “dirty bulking,” which involves consuming any type of food available in large quantities, such as pizza, ice cream, doughnuts, chips, and burgers.

Those who undertake a “dirty bulk” typically gain more muscle mass but then have to follow it up with a “cutting” phase to reduce body fat.

Used in a sentence:

Yo are you bulking bro?


When it comes to cutting, the approach is the opposite of bulking.

During this phase, individuals consume fewer calories than their body burns in order to lose weight, with the goal of shedding body fat.

Cutting can be undertaken by anyone, but it is most commonly done for reasons such as preparing for a holiday, participating in a bodybuilding competition, or getting in shape for a partner.

Used in a sentence:

I’m so sick of cutting I want to start bulking again.

Gym Word Natty

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A natty is someone who hasn’t used anabolic steroids or any other sort of PEDs. Many influencers claim to be “natty” and show they can look great naturally.

Used in a sentence:

Creatine is the best supplement for nattys G.

Gym Word Fake Natty

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A fake natty is someone who claims to be natural, but is actually using steroids or some sort of PED. TONS of fitness influencers are fake nattys.

Used in a sentence:

Dude all these fake natties are really trying to fool us.


The term “macros” is a shortened version of “macronutrients,” which are essential nutrients that serve a variety of bodily functions.

There are three types of macronutrients: fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. The intake of macros can be tracked either in grams or as a percentage of total daily calorie intake.

For instance, an individual’s diet may consist of 30% carbohydrates, 40% protein, and 30% fat per day.

Used in a sentence:

Counting macros sucks but it’s the only way to make gains bro.

Gym Word Sets

gym words

If you’ve trained at a gym before, you may have heard the question, “Bro how many sets you got left?” It’s important to understand what this means.

A set refers to the number of repetitions of a particular exercise that you choose to do at one time.

Used in a sentence:

Yo how many sets u got left G?


gym words

A “rep” is the term used for one repetition, which is each time you complete the exercise movement.

For instance, if your workout routine requires you to perform 5 sets of 5 reps on the bench press, each time you complete 5 reps, that would be considered one set.

Used in a sentence:

I do these cable flyes for 8-12 reps

Gym Word DOMS

gym words

DOMS stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, and it occurs after an especially challenging or unfamiliar workout. When you first started exercising, you may remember feeling sore for several days afterward – this is DOMS. It’s the ache you feel that indicates you’ve pushed your body to its limits.

Contrary to popular belief, DOMS isn’t only the result of intense workouts; it can also arise from simply using a muscle more than you’re accustomed to.

For instance, even if you frequently squat, you might experience DOMS in your legs after doing leg extensions because you’re placing more stress on your quadriceps than usual. As a result, anyone can experience DOMS at any point in their exercise journey.

Used in a sentence:

Dude I’ve got the worst DOMS right now. I hit legs three days ago!

Gym Word PR

gym words
gym words

PR stands for “Personal Record.” If you are able to do something better than you have in the past, then you’ve achieved a PR.

This usually happens with bench and squat. If you benched the most weight you’ve ever done in your life, it’s a record. A personal record but referred to as a PR.

Used in a sentence:


Free Weights

Free weights are the things that you 100% pick up on your own. Dumbbells, barbells, etc.

These are free to be transported all throughout the gym. Just remember, “free weights” = free to move without a lot of effort.

Used in a sentence:

The gym needs to take out cardio machines and put in more free weights.


Cable machines, also known as cables, operate using a pulley system and include machines such as cable crossover machines, lat pull machines, and dual adjustable pulley machines. These machines are primarily used to exercise upper body muscles, such as the triceps.

One of the advantages of cable machines is the ability to adjust the accessories based on your needs. For example, the height of the pulley can be adjusted on a cable crossover machine or dual adjustable pulley, and different handles and accessories can be attached to them.

Cable machines typically use a weight stack, although some models are plate-loaded.

Used in a sentence:

Bro these cables are so good for hitting your tris.


In the gym, machines serve the opposite purpose of free weights as they allow for the isolation of specific body parts.

For example, while free weights are used to work the chest with exercises such as barbell or dumbbell bench presses, machines like chest press or pec deck machines are used for the same purpose.

These machines can be either plate-loaded or stack-loaded, with the latter allowing users to choose their desired weight by inserting a pin into the stack and performing their set.

Used in a sentence:

All the leg machines are being taken up by Karens right now.


Weight plates are typically circular discs made of metal and may have a covering or not.

They are utilized to add weight to a barbell, EZ bar, or other bars, as well as plate-loaded machines, to increase resistance in varying increments.

A “plate” is commonly referred to as 45 lbs. I don’t know what that is in kilos.

Used in a sentence:

I bench two plates bro.

Gym Word Spotter

gym words

In weightlifting, it’s common to have a spotter when lifting heavy weights to prevent potential injuries. A spotter stands nearby and assists the lifter if the weight becomes too heavy.

The bench press is the most common lift that requires a spotter.

During a bench press, the spotter stands behind the bench and the rack, helps lift the bar from the rack, and keeps their hands under the bar throughout the movement. They only assist the lifter in lifting the weight if they become fatigued and need help lifting the bar back up.

Used in a sentence:

I can’t believe I tried to squat that without a spotter.

Work In Gym Word

gym words
gym words

When two people need to work with the same weights or use the same equipment, they can “work in” with each other’s sets.

This means that they take turns using the equipment so that neither person has to wait for the other to finish before starting their own sets.

Used in a sentence:

Yo bro all these benches are taken can I work in?


One of the most commonly used gym slang is ‘gains’, which refers to progress made in the gym. It is typically used to describe gains in muscle mass, but it can also be used to describe progress in other areas of fitness, such as cardio or strength.

Progress is the key factor in the concept of gains, whether it’s running a further distance or lifting more weight or completing more reps.

Used in a sentence:

I’ve been making really good gains with this split.


gym words

Being “shredded” is a term used to describe individuals who have a low body fat percentage, defined muscle tone, and visible veins. Their skin is tight and they have well-defined abs.

Typically, shredded individuals also have a significant amount of muscle mass. Compared to individuals who are “jacked,” those who are shredded tend to be smaller in size.

However, it’s worth noting that being lean does not necessarily mean being shredded. To be considered shredded, one must have a noticeable muscular development achieved through regular exercise.

Used in a sentence:

Yooooo you’re looking shredded bro!

Jacked Gym Word

gym words

The term “jacked” is often used to describe someone who has a muscular physique with a low body fat percentage, which is similar to being “swole”.

\However, the term “jacked” usually implies a certain level of leanness, whereas being “swole” can sometimes refer to having a slightly higher body fat percentage.

For instance, a bodybuilder might be considered “jacked” while a powerlifter could be described as “swole”.

Used in a sentence:

This chick said I’m jacked dude.


To become ‘swole’ means to become very muscular and to have a large physique. This term is often used to describe someone who has achieved a significant amount of muscle mass through weightlifting and strength training.

When someone is ‘swole’, it is typically noticeable and can be seen in their overall size and muscle definition. This term is commonly used in the context of weightlifting and fitness culture to describe someone who has successfully built a lot of muscle mass.

Used in a sentence:

Those powerlifters are too swole bro.

Gym Bro

gym words

A gym bro is an avid gym-goer who is devoted to bodybuilding and strength training. In fact, this is what my website is based off of.

Gym bros are often young, jock-type individuals who prioritize their appearance and physique above everything else. They tend to wear the latest gym gear and enjoy showing off their muscles to others.

They often train with a group of friends or “bros” and focus mainly on developing their chest, back, and biceps muscles. Difference is here, I encourage you to HIT LEGS.

The term “gym bro” may have become popular due to internet memes such as “do you even lift, bro?” that were popularized several years ago.

Used in a sentence:

This is Chad, my Gym Bro.

Gym Rat

gym words
gym words

A gym rat is someone who spends a significant amount of time in the gym and may prioritize working out over social events or hobbies.

They may also be perceived as knowledgeable about fitness but may not necessarily have the expertise to back it up.

Used in a sentence:

You’re such a gym rat, you spend like four hours in the gym each day.

Cardio Bunny Gym Word

A cardio bunny is anyone who spends all of their time on the cardio equipment (cross trainer, treadmill, bike, rowing machine, etc.) and likes to stay clear of the weight section.

It’s usually used in association with women. These girls go only to stretch and do cardio. There are no male cardio bunnies.

Used in a sentence:

I wish these cardio bunnies would stop acting like they’re instagram models. They’re really not all that.

Roid Rage

gym words

When people use specific types of anabolic steroids, they may experience a kind of anger that has become linked to the drugs.

This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “roid rage,” which describes individuals who are using steroids to enhance their physical performance but are also exhibiting signs of mood instability.

Used in a sentence:

That dudes got serious roid rage.

Gym Word Juice Head

gym words

“Juice heads” are men with incredibly large physiques who can often be heard grunting in the weightlifting area and can be intimidating to others.

These individuals are usually suspected of using steroids or “juice,” but people are often too intimidated to ask them directly. The term “juicing” is also used to refer to the use of steroids, such as when someone says, “Yeah, that guy is definitely juicing.”

Used in a sentence:

I can’t believe that juice head really expects us to believe he’s natty.

Bro Science

Bro science is when gym goers make decisions based off of popular fitness influencers, as opposed to scientific studies.

Regardless of what some bs “Harvard Studies” say, if lots of jacked guys say it you should too.

Used in a sentence:

Dude stop listening to those doctors on twitter, just follow the bro science.


gym words
gym words

“Miring” is a slang term that has been shortened from the word “admiring”. When someone is “miring,” they are typically checking out the muscular gains of another person.

It’s not necessarily meant in an attractive sense, but rather it’s used to describe a situation where someone is impressed or inspired by the physical appearance or performance of another person and aspires to reach that level themselves.

Used in a sentence:

U mirin brah?

Bro Split Gym Word

gym words

A “bro split” is a common training approach that many men adopt when first getting into fitness. It involves working out a different body part each day, with a typical example being chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, shoulders on Wednesday, legs on Thursday, and abs, arms, and calves on Friday.

The name “bro split” comes from the fact that this training approach is often based on advice from other gym-goers, or “bros,” and there isn’t any scientific evidence to support the specific structure of this approach.

However, many bodybuilders swear by this split and it remains popular, although it should be noted that the effectiveness of this approach may be amplified by the use of steroids among bodybuilders.


Used in a sentence:

Bro splits are the worst way to grow dude trust me.

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