How To Be A Gym Bro In 2023: (Everything You Need To Know!)

how to be a gym bro

If you’re new to the gym, you’re undoubtedly going to see a stereotypical “gym bro.” Maybe you’ve been lifting for quite some time, and want to know how to be a gym bro. This guide will tell you everything you need to know so you can become a gym bro. Let’s go-

Being a gym bro is awesome. There’s tons of perks to it, such as being jacked, being attractive to girls, and being seen as cool.

Unfortunately, those benefits don’t come overnight. You have to establish yourself as a gym bro before you can start seeing gym bro like benefits.

Unfortunately, gym rats and bros get a bad rep due to internet memes. Being a gym bro myself, I can officially say that gym bros shouldn’t be getting bad reps at all. We’re just a younger version of people who hit the gym. (Pretty much better versions of boomers that take up space in the gym).

What Is A Gym Bro?

how to be a gym bro

A gym bro is a guy who’s in the gym constantly. He’s doing bro splits (types of lifts), skips leg day, bulks in the winter, and cuts in the spring.

He typically shows up to the gym in a tank top, sunglasses, pre-workout (or a bang energy drink) in hand, and knows all the other gym bros there. They usually are carrying a gym bag with who knows what in it.

Gym bros also worship fitness idols like Zyzz, Arnold and C-Bum.

How To Become A Gym Bro

Becoming a gym bro isn’t easy. You’re going to have to commit at least 5 days a week to the gym. My personal preference is 6.

“BuH bUh IsN’t ThAt ToO mUcH? wOrKiNg OuT fOr MoRe ThAn 4 DaYs A wEeK iS bAhD” I can hear people scream. Not really, and here’s why:

It’s ideal to rest muscle groups for 48 hours after lifting. That means if you hit chest on Monday, you can hit it again on Wednesday.

My preferred split gives 72 hours of rest between each muscle group, because I destroy my muscles every time I hit them.

Gym Split:

After years of trying different training splits, this is the one that finally made me jacked.

It’s best to absolutely destroy your muscles every time you lift, that way you can have maximum gains. You have enough recovery time in between days that you won’t hurt your muscles.

DayMuscles to Hit

See how there’s 72 hours in between each different muscle group? This is ideal to for maximum muscle growth.

This workout is also done with hypertrophy+strength training. This means that you train for muscle size and strength.

All gym bros need strength and big muscles if you want to be a real one. Gym bro’s should be able to bench 225 easily, and be bigger than most guys in the gym.

Gym Bro Equipment

Listen, if you want to become a gym bro, you’d better start looking like one. Aside from big beach muscles, we have a very distinct style.

A typical gym bro looks like this:

how to be a gym bro

The stringer tank top is the centerpiece of the style. Gym bros also wear hats, grey sweatpants, and shorts. They are usually walking around with headphones and pre-workout in hand.

Gym Bro Hats

Most gym bro hats look like this. They usually have an iconic logo on it, for example a sports team.

The hats are all dark colors- black, dark blue, etc.

It’s best to wear it backwards. You can get a stylish gym bro hat here.

Gym Bro Headphones

The headphones owned by gym bros are very important. How else are they supposed to get hyped up while lifting?

Most gym bros either use beats or regular apple headphones.

Obviously, beats are much better quality, and if you can afford them, I highly recommend them. You can get the best deal on beats headphones here.

Tank Tops For Gym Bros

Tank tops are a must for aspiring gym bros.

After all, they show off your hard earned gains and make workout out less sweaty. Stringer tank tops are pretty common, but even regular wife-beater style tank tops work.

I personally like the golds gym style tank top. Golds Gym is like the versace (but not as expensive) for gym style.

You can get a golds gym tank top here.

Sweatpants For Gym Bros

Listen, I’ll be honest. It really doesn’t matter what you wear on the bottoms to look like a gym bro. I wear sweatpants if it’s cold and shorts if I’m hot.

Grey sweatpants are apparently the most attractive on guys. This is coming from thousands of tiktok girls, so gym bros across the nation have added them to their wardrobe.

If you want to get those grey sweatpants, you can get a high quality pair from amazon here.

Lifting Requirements

how to be a gym bro

Gym bros aren’t weak little chumps who can’t bench a plate. In fact, in order to be a real gym bro, you should at least be benching 225.

Most people think we skip leg day. While a few weaker non committed bros do that, the real ones don’t.

It’s very important to hit leg day so you can hit the 315 milestone on squat.

But- in order to be a true gym bro, here are the requirements for strength:

  • Bench- 225
  • Squat- 315
  • Deadlift- 405
  • Barbell curl 135
  • Shoulder press 135

It’s not that hard to get this strong. You just need to put in the work. Now- if you’re like 13 or something, those requirements can be excused because you simply don’t have enough testosterone flowing through your veins to be strong.

Once you’re 16-18, you should be able to easily hit all those milestones.

If you lift right, eat right, and take the right fitness supplements, you should be good to go. Remember, you have to be consistent as well. Read the ultimate guide to getting jacked if you’re looking to get started.

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