How To Get A 6-Pack FAST: Get Abs Like Brad Pitt In Just One Month!

Listen, everyone wants to know how to get a 6 pack fast. Just think that time you were 14 and went to the beach, wanting to look like Brad Pitt in 3 days.

You probably spent 40 minutes a day doing some “secret ab workout” you found on youtube only to find you never got the abs you wanted.

Now, imagine if you had been working out for a few years and already had a jacked figure. Imagine the girls eyeing you as you walk down the beach into the water. Pretty awesome, right?

It’s very unrealistic to expect to get abs within a few days, however it is possible to get them in a month (assuming you’re not 20% + bodyfat).

In this article, I will show you the step by step process to getting a 6 pack within a month. Let’s go-

Best Way To Get A 6-Pack Fast

how to get a 6-pack fast

Having a 6 pack comes down to 2 things, having a low bodyfat percentage, and having developed ab muscles.

What does that mean?

A low bodyfat percentage means you have to have very little fat on your body. If you want your abs to show, they can’t be covered by a layer of fat. Typically, you’ve got to be under 15% bodyfat for your abs to show while flexing.

If you want to get a 6 pack fast, you’re going to have to drop weight fast. More on this later-

Having developed abs means that you actually workout your abs. Let me explain more-

Your body has muscles, but those muscles only show if you regularly use them. Just like you can’t get big biceps with no bicep exercises, you won’t have visible abs without ab exercises.

Your abs must be strong, and regularly worked out. You can’t just hit abs a couple times a week and expect them to show. You should be hitting abs almost every day.

Now that we’ve established the method to getting a 6 pack fast, it’s time to go more in depth on the subject.

How To Eat To Get A 6-Pack Fast

Eating is where most of your gains will come from, regardless of whether you’re bulking or cutting. 75% of your results come from the kitchen, while the other 25% come from the gym. Knowing what to eat to shred fat is critical.

This is especially true with getting a 6 pack. You’ll want to be extremely precise with all the food you eat.

The trick to eating to get a 6 pack is eating at a caloric deficit. How much of a deficit depends on your current body fat % levels.

Once you have your body fat percentage figured out, you can then decide how much of a caloric deficit to be at.

Let’s walk through the process.

Body Fat Percentage

The most accurate body fat percentage tests are the ones where you go to a doctors office to get scanned.

Those are called DEXA scans, and are extremely accurate. Unless you’re willing to drop some serious $$$, I wouldn’t get one.

Instead, I would go to the official body fat calculator. Simply enter in your measurements, and it will tell you a general estimate of what body fat % you are. It could be slightly off, but it’s close enough to tell where you’re at.

Depending on what your body fat percentage is, you’re going to want to eat in certain ways.

Your Body Fat Percentage Caloric Deficit To Eat At
35% +Take BMR and eat at a - 40% caloric deficit
30% Take BMR and eat at a -30% caloric deficit
25%Take BMR and eat at a -20% caloric deficit
15-20% Take BMR and eat at a -10% caloric deficit

If you follow this to a T, you will lose weight.

But let’s say you struggle with keeping up your energy levels with the caloric deficit you’re at. If that happens, you can always do intermittent fasting or consuming more protein.

Intermittent fasting is when you limit your meals to a certain time during the day, for example not eating from the hours of 8pm to 2 pm the next day.

You can also up the caffeine intake, although this isn’t smart for the long term. Before workouts, just take pre-workout to make sure you have enough energy.

As taken from my ultimate guide to getting shredded:

Fat Loss Tip #1:

The first tip of how to shred fat fast is to drink a gallon of water a day. Most people are dehydrated, and there’s no excuse to be with easy access to water.

The principle called GOWAD, is simple tip in how to shred fat.

The abbreviation GOWAD stands for gallon of water per day. This is possibly one of the most effective strategies to lose weight. Water not only hydrates you and helps your body run more efficiently, but it also speeds up your metabolism.

When you drink a lot of water, your body’s metabolism automatically speeds up to deal with the water, transport it to cells, and eliminate it.

This method of how to shred fat is backed by science as well. The National Library of Medicine published a study that shows you can shred fat by drinking over a gallon of water a day.

Personally, I just go to the store and get a plastic jug filled with water. It’s simple since I just fill it up every morning and make sure to finish it before the end of the day.

At first you will have to go to the bathroom about every hour. Luckily, your body adjusts after a few days or so, and you’ll be back on a normal schedule.

If you take some of the best fitness supplements like creatine, I recommend having more than a gallon of water a day, just don’t drink over 2 gallons.

Fat Loss Tip #2:

how to shred fat

When consumed with meals, apple cider vinegar (also known as ACV) has been demonstrated to aid weight loss. I use it on a daily basis.

I once saw a research that claimed that simply drinking 2 tablespoons of ACV per day and doing nothing else resulted in an extra 2 pounds of fat being burned every month.

Simply combine a couple tablespoons of this drink with 8 ounces of water in a glass and drink it at night before you go to bed.

ACV contains a high concentration of probiotics, which aid digestion, boost immunity, and make you feel great.

Even when I’m on a bulk, I still take apple cider vinegar because it has tons of other health benefits.

Fat Loss Tip #3:

how to shred fat

One of the most beneficial additions to a man’s morning routine is a cold shower. They increase testosterone and help you lose weight faster.

When I’m at peak performance, I’ll always take a cold shower… especially after the gym and in the mornings.

Taking cold showers every day has numerous advantages, including:

  • Fat Loss
  • Self-discipline
  • Strengthen willpower
  • Higher testosterone levels

For two reasons, taking cold showers can help you in shredding fat.

To begin with, cold showers trigger your body to release a sequence of hormones that have been shown to help you lose weight even when you’re eating the same thing.

Testosterone and leptin are two chemicals that help you grow muscle and burn fat.

Secondly, cold showers lower your body temperature. This means your body will have to burn some additional calories to restore homeostasis, and where do those calories will come from? All from your stomach.

Fat Loss Tip #4:

The last strategy of how to shred fat is to do HIIT, (High-intensity interval training).

HIIT keeps your metabolic rate high even after you’ve finished working out, so you have a high metabolism all day long.

A simple 15-30 minute session of HIIT should suffice to kick your metabolism into high gear. This is proven in a study by the National Library of Medicine.

You can go to youtube and search for a 15-30 minute HIIT session, and you’ll be shredding fat in no time.

Building Abs To Get A 6-Pack

Let’s be honest- there’s a lot of b-s ab workouts out there.

I’ve spent months trying to build abs with ineffective follow along workouts on youtube. Luckily for you, I’ve figured out the formula to build abs.

You will want to hit abs 6 days a week, with different ab workouts.

Yes, it will be extremely hard at first, however if you do it for a couple weeks, it will get easier.

Ab Workout To Get A 6-Pack

The following is the best ab workout to get a 6-pack.

DaySets and Reps:
Monday: Leg Raises5x25
Tuesday: Ab Machine5x25, increasing weight each time
Wednesday: 3/4 decline sit ups5x25
Thursday: Leg Raises5x25
Friday: Ab Machine5x25, increasing weight each time
Saturday: 3/4 decline sit ups5x25

This ab workout will not be easy. In fact, this is extremely challenging and I even had to take a rest day at first.

It’s ok to use a rest day if you absolutely need it, you shouldn’t be overtraining.

How To Get A 6-Pack Fast- The Bottom Line

To wrap it up, getting a 6 pack is very doable. It requires work and effort, but it can be done if you put your mind to it.

The process of how to get a 6-pack fast is simple, you just eat less and train your abs more.

If you follow this guide to a T, I promise you’ll end up with Brad Pitt level abs, and you’ll be turning heads.

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