Mountain Ops Yeti Review: My User Tested Experience (Crazy Pump?)

mountain ops yeti review

Anyone who’s read my blog before knows I love pre workout. I’ve written many reviews on pre workouts, but this new one called YETI by mountain ops is one of my favorites.

Today however, I’d like to present a Mountain Ops YETI review. I’ve been using this product for about 2 weeks, so I figure it’s about time.

I’ve sampled tons of different pre workouts over the years, and this one easily cracks my top 3 list. It’s not a crazy pre that will give you a heart attack like jack3d, and it’s not some basic c4 pre that you can find at any store.

Here’s a sample of what we’ll cover in this article:

  • Why I love YETI pre
  • YETI benefits
  • Ingredients
  • Where to buy it

So, lock in, and get ready for my full Mountain Ops Yeti review.

Mountain Ops Yeti Review – Key Points

mountain ops yeti review

Believe it or not, YETI was originally designed to help people with blood flow issues- hence the amazing nitric oxide boost. Of course, today it has turned into a whole line of pre workout.

Overall, YETI gets a full 5/5 stars from me. It is dosed well, doesn’t make you crash, and gives a “smooth” feeling when you lift. The best part about this pre is its pump formula.

It doesn’t just stay in your muscles for a couple hours, it gives a whole 20 hours of blood flow.

The following is a comparison of Mountain Ops YETI and C4 pre workout.

200 MG Caffeine 160 MG Caffeine
Nitric Oxide BoostNo Pump Formula
6 Different Vitamins3 Different Vitamins

There’s tons of different ingredients, but the three most important for a pre workout are listed. YETI beats generic overpriced pre workouts in every metric.

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Yeti Review Benefits

There are TONS of benefits to YETI pre workout. When I took this, three things stood out the most:

  • Flavor
  • Pump
  • Smooth energy


Most pre workouts taste terrible. A huge reason why I like YETI is because of their flavor. I personally used the pineapple flavor and it tastes great.

Other pre workouts taste chalky, too sweet, or too sour. This is the perfect blend that doesn’t make you want to puke.

Pump Formula

The best part about YETI is its pump formula. Most other nitric oxide boosters last for a couple hours and then go away. YETI pre workout keeps releasing nitric oxide 20 hours after you take it.

We all know that getting a pump is the best feeling in the world (according to Arnold). Aside from that, muscles grow more effectively when you pump more nutrients and blood into them.

Personally, I take YETI pre workout on my upper body and ESPECIALLY arm days.

Smooth Energy

Another great thing about YETI pre workout is that it’s not an insane amount of stimulants, but you still feel energized.

I’ve had pre workouts with around 400 mg of caffeine, and trust me. They’re NOT FUN. The 200 mg dosage seems to work very well.

Too much caffeine and you end up either not being able to sleep, or you time it wrong and crash during your workout.

I don’t know how your body responds to caffeine and stimulants, but this formula seems like the perfect dosage.

Yeti Pre Workout Cost

Compared to other pre workouts, mountain ops YETI is priced extremely well.

On Amazon, it’s listed at $44

You can also check it out at Mountain Ops site and get it $15% off if you order it every month.

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Sure, there are extremely cheap pre workouts on the market, but those won’t be nearly as effective and will cause you to crash and burn.

When I put a foreign substance in my body, I make sure that it’s quality. Quality isn’t always cheap, and $40 a month isn’t bad for pre at all.

Mountain Ops Yeti Ingredient Review

Now lets go over the key ingredients in the mountain ops yeti formula.


Creatine is the closest thing you can get to a natural steroid.

The most well known benefits of creatine are more muscle strength, muscle mass, endurance and higher energy levels.

This STUDY shows that creatine increased strength and muscle mass. In fact, creatine is hands down the best natural supplement out there. I recommend you check out my creatine before and after article.

Creatine supplementation enhanced fat-free mass, physical performance, and muscle morphology in response to heavy resistance training, presumably mediated via higher quality training sessions.

In this yeti pre workout, there is 2 grams of creatine. Be sure and take more because this dosage is good for just your workout.

The ideal daily amount of creatine is 5-10 grams.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is one of my favorite pre workout ingredients. Not only because it makes your face tingle and gives a great kick, but because it decreases muscle fatigue and increases exercise capacity.

There is 1g of beta alanine in this formula.


Caffeine is the most popular and most important ingredient in a pre workout formula. My favorite pre workouts usually have around 200-300 mg of caffeine.

My personal sweet spot is 200-250, which is why I like this blend so much.

Too much and I get jittery.

Too little, and I don’t feel anything at all.

L Citrulline

L Citrulline is the ingredient that makes you get a pump.

Nitric oxide is released when you put this substance in your body, which enhances blood flow. This is also an amino acid, which promotes muscle growth.


The final key important ingredient in this blend is magnesium.

Magnesium is also very close to a natural steroid like creatine. If you take enough magnesium, your free testosterone increases. *This only applies to people who lift.

Magnesium sustains muscle movements and delivers oxygen to muscles.

Mountain Ops Yeti Review Summary

mountain ops yeti review

To sum it up, the Mountain Ops YETI pre workout is one of my favorites I’ve ever used. I will definitely continue using this for upper body / arm days because of the amazing pump.

YETI pre workout has clinically proven ingredients that boost energy, nitric oxide, and increase your muscle growth.

If you decide to get this pre workout, get it on amazon or through their website.

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If there’s anything else you’d like to know, shoot me a comment down below!

Yeti Mountain Ops

Yeti Mountain Ops

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