Muscle Groups To Work Together For Maximum Growth: (2023)

Muscle Groups to work together
Muscle groups to work together

There are so many different workout splits and exercise routines online, it’s impossible to know which one is actually best. Today, we’re going over muscle groups to work together so you can maximize gains in the gym.

Thousands of “doctors and experts” claim to know what’s best while they’re either skinny or overweight. Why listen to them when there’s gym bros that will tell you what to do instead? We know what muscle groups to work together.

These exercises and muscle groups I’m going over are all to be done with free weights and machines. The workouts in each one are high intensity and no bs. If you can’t handle the heat, click off this page right now.


I mean it.

Countless people walk around the gym without a plan. They randomly use machines taking up space. These kinds of people should be KICKED OUT. They don’t know what muscle groups to work together or the workouts they’re doing.

Generally speaking, you want to hit each major muscle group twice a week. No, you’re not hitting upper body 4 days and then legs for 1. We’re evenly distributing the load, allowing for proper recovery and growth.


Muscle Groups to work together
Muscle groups to work together

This is actually the first day of my Workout of The Gods program. Chest and back are great muscles to work together on the first day and here’s why:

Chest/back are both upper body lifts. A little hack I’ve discovered to maximizing your gains is to hit muscles close by each other because the blood in your body doesn’t travel as far. It’s like a double pump.

The more blood you pump into your muscles- the more gains you’ll receive. This is why I recommend taking a pump formula.

The staple compound exercises of chest/back such as bench press also overlap. When you bench press, you use your chest and back.

Bench pressWide grip chin ups
Incline benchBent over rows
Cable flyesLat pushdowns
Dumbbell pulloversT bar rows


Muscle groups to work together

Having an all arm day is great. Like the chest/back day discussed above, you’ll get maximum gains because the blood in your body doesn’t have to travel that far.

I actually have two days of my 6 day workout routine dedicated to all arms.

You should start with shoulders, then move to biceps and finish with triceps. It’s brutal, but very effective. On my arm days, I love taking a pump formula to get the blood flowing. If you’re a pre workout person, you should try Zeus Juice (a pre workout optimized for a pump).

Millitary pressBarbell curlsClose grip bench press
Lateral raisesSeated incline curlsSkull crushers
Frontal raisesConcentration curlsOne arm overhead tricep extensions
Rear delt flyesCable curlsCable tricep pushdowns
Upright rowsDrag curlsKatana extensions


Muscle Groups to work together
Muscle groups to work together

I have the most brutal leg days known to man. I do not skip leg day. Having a big bench is cool, but a big squat is twice as impressive. I hit hamstrings, quads and calves all in the same day.

I currently squat 455lbs…

The great thing about leg days is that you don’t need a whole lot of exercises for it to be effective. Most compound leg lifts will get you huge and aesthetic legs. Squats, RDL’s and lunges will get you better results than machine exercises.

Another great thing about leg days is that it releases more testosterone in the body, hence making your life better.

Barbell back squat
Goblet squat
Calf raises


Shoulders and back are great to workout together. In my 5 day workout routine (based on PHAT training) shoulders and back are one of the most critical days for aesthetics.

You can be more time efficient with this workout too.

Supersetting two exercises together means you intertwine the sets of the exercises together i.e. after you perform a set for one exercise, it is immediately followed by the performance of a set for the other exercise. 

So you can essentially superset back and shoulder exercises together. 

There are no rest periods between the superset, but some people choose not to have any rest at all after a cycle of a superset. Traditionally, people would normally have a 1 to 3-minute rest between a superset.

You don’t have to do this because you are resting while working the other one.

Military pressPendalay rows
Lateral raisesHorizontal rows
Frontal raisesSeated cable rows
Face pullsClose grip lat pulldowns


You can train arms and chest on the same day very effectively. Chest and arms are one of the best muscle groups to work together.

People often train chest and either biceps or triceps in the same workout, so it’s definitely possible to work both of these muscle groups on the same day.

As your arms and chest are so close together, they often work together to make many upper body movements happen anyway.

With this in mind, it makes sense to do arms and chest on the same day. Most of the chest exercises are compound movements that end up hitting your arms regardless.

You won’t be able to do super high volume for both of these, so adding in more compound lifts is better. Chest and arms are easy muscle groups to work together.

This one is hard, so train your mind to have discipline to make it work.

Dumbbell pressPreacher curls
Dumbbell incline benchConcentrated curls
Cable flyesEZ bar tricep extension
Chest machineCable pressdowns
Muscle groups to work together

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