Optimized Elite Pre Workout: Smooth Pump Review

Optimized Elite Smooth Pump Review: The #1 Non Stim Pre Workout?

A new stimulant free pre workout has hit the market. Personally, I believe it’s the #1 stim free pre workout on the market after trying it. This pre workout is called Smooth Pump, and it’s by the company optimized elite. Today, I’m writing a smooth pump review.

Hold on just a minute… “why would I use a stimulant free pre workout?” I hear someone asking.

There’s about four different reasons I can come up with off the top of my head.

  • You can take it at night
  • No caffeine
  • Jitter free
  • Better pump

I personally use it for a pump and because you can take it at night. I don’t really mind caffeine and jitters as long as they help me during my workout.

Here’s what I’ll be covering in my smooth pump review:

  • What is Smooth Pump
  • Ingredients
  • Pre workout benefits
  • Side effects
  • Taste
  • Where to buy it

What Is Smooth Pump?

Smooth Pump Review

Smooth Pump is a stimulant free pre workout designed to give you a great pump. Similar to heavy stim pre workouts such as Bucked Up or Gorilla Mode, Smooth Pump is designed to give you tons of energy without all the stimulants.

It’s pretty easy to build up a tolerance to heavy stimulants like caffeine. I think Bucked Up has about 300-333 mg per serving and Gorilla Mode isn’t too far behind. Those are two of the most popular pre workouts, and I love using them. Just not every day.

Don’t worry- it’s nowhere near the original jack3d pre workout (which I actually attempted to re create). OG’s know.

But what company does it come from? Can this smooth pump review be trusted?

Smooth pump comes from Optimized Elite. They’re a relatively new, based company that makes fitness supplements. I tried their original pre workout Zeus Juice (which I wrote about here) and I love it. I like Smooth Pump just the same.

Optimized Elite Smooth Pump Ingredients:

Smooth pump review

Ingredients, NOT FLAVOR determine the quality of a pre workout. You’re not drinking soda. You’re drinking an enhanced formula to help you crush the gym. With that being said, there’s generally some similar ingredients to look for in quality pre workouts. In this smooth pump review, we cover everything.

In case you can’t read my image clearly above, here are the ingredients directly from the website:

Smooth pump review

All of these smooth pump review ingredients are amazing for pumps. It’s VERY hard to find a pre workout with that much L-Citrulline.


Each of these ingredients is designed to give you a crazy pump and lock you in.


L-Citrulline is the highest dosed ingredient in Smooth Pump at 5,000 mg a serving. This is a great amount because it’s not enough to juice you up like the hulk, but enough to give you an amazing pump.

This ingredient is known for increasing nitric oxide in the body. In other words, if you want a pump and if you want your blood to flow well, you need to have l-citrulline. Luckily, you won’t have to go and spend tons of money on pump formulas because of the dosage in this pre workout.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is one of the best natural supplements for muscle building. This is a slightly low dose of creatine at 2.5 mg per serving but keep in mind this is a stimulant free pre workout.

I actually wrote about my creatine before and after results. I highly recommend you start creatine if you haven’t already.

Betaine Anhydrous

Smooth Pump Review

“Betaine Anhydrous is a popular pre-workout supplement that’s earned quite a positive reputation among bodybuilders and athletes. Betaine for bodybuilding improves hydration, stimulates water-based pumps, improves power, and supports protein synthesis. Furthermore, it’s often compared to creatine”

This is great to add into stim free pre workouts.

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is one of the best nootropics for fitness.

“Alpha-GPC administration increases the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and facilitates learning and memory. In athletes, Alpha-GPC supplementation prevents exercise-induced reductions in choline levels, increases endurance performance and growth hormone secretion.”

I love having this in the smooth pump pre workout because it keeps me mentally locked in.

Smooth Pump Pre-Workout Benefits:

That’s a decent photo of the amazing pump you’ll get from taking Smooth Pump.


  • Great pump
  • Amazing focus
  • No stimulants
  • Good flavor

Before I took smooth pump I knew it was going to give me a good pump due to the high L-Citrulline content. I didn’t know that It was going to be one of the best pumps I’ve had in my entire life. Seriously, I hit a chest/back day when I took it and they were almost double the pump size they usually are.


Use the code “gymbros” for 10% off!

Smooth Pump Pre Workout Side Effects

Smooth pump review

Like all substances, you should consult with your doctor before taking them especially if you have any health conditions. I had no problem with Smooth Pump and everyone I’ve talked to who’s taken it was fine as well.

There’s nothing unsafe about the ingredients in it, as long as you stay within the recommended dosage.

Overall, this pre workout is very safe.

Smooth Pump Taste Review

Smooth pump review.

That’s my blender bottle with smooth pump in it. I know it’s hard to see- but there’s pre workout in there. It’s got the color the outside of that bottle does. A milky white/grey.

It comes only in blood orange flavor right now. Overall its pretty good.

The only downside is that it is slightly chalky, but that’s to be expected with pre workouts.

Where to Buy It

Smooth Pump is only sold at Optimized Elite right now. Buy directly from the website.

When I bought mine, the pre workout arrived in a few days. It was in good condition and I have no complaints.


If you want to get 10% off enter in my code “gymbros”

Overall, this supplement review gets a 9.5 out of 10.

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