Skinny Buff: 7 Easy Tips For Skinny Guys Getting Buff

skinny buff
Skinny Buff

I remember being a skinny little 15 year old guy thinking “how on earth do I put some size on?” After scouring the internet for hours and hours I thought I had found a good method. I had played football at the time so I was skinny buff, but just not at the size I wanted to be.

“Eat lots of protein, lift 3-4 times a week and use cardio” is what mainstream fitness told me. “Eat every single hour and do intermittent fasting!” Little did I know, that I was actually wasting valuable time in the gym doing fitness routines that didn’t work and diets that were pointless.

Luckily, I cracked the code to putting on muscle just a little while later. It wasn’t easy, but today I’m going to share with you exactly how you can go from skinny to buff.

Little did I realize that this transformation would improve my life 10x. Like many who have came before, working out and packing on slabs of muscle is a journey that teaches us many life lessons. Discipline, hard work and biology.

My Skinny Buff Transformation

Skinny buff

That’s me now. There’s thousands of influencers who won’t even post their physique online but claim to know what they’re talking about with fitness. It’s honestly their fault so many people are out of shape. Don’t even get me started on doctors who like giving fitness advice…

Anyways, back to my skinny buff/skinny to buff transformation.

I wasn’t always jacked. Duh.

In fact, for a long time I was extremely skinny-fat – 140 pounds at 5’10” to be exact. I spent most of my time playing video games, pounding down candy, and living off of highly processed foods.

One day I just got fed up of “living the virtual life”

I wanted something real. So anyway, off to the gym I went.

Just in the first year alone, I must’ve wasted around $1000 on supplements that didn’t work. Hours wasted online on mainstream fitness sites.

They had me doing stupid routines that were a complete waste of time and didn’t work in the slightest, but – I was a young kid who didn’t know any better.

I ended up wasting about 2 years messing around in the gym with no plan. When I first switched over to an actual routine (which my friend gave me), I noticed that my progress shot through the roof.

I gained a solid 10 pounds of muscle, which brought me up to around 150.

Unfortunately after that… I couldn’t put on any more weight.

After doing a whole bunch of research and trying out new things – I finally had a breakthrough. I was finally able to craft the perfect routine. I tried it for nearly a year, and let me tell you, the results were phenomenal.

The journey was never pretty – but it was very much worth it.

7 Rules To Go From Skinny To Buff

Remember how I talked about fat “experts” who really like to tell you how to be in shape?

This is the kind of guy you’ve got to watch out for. But, because he has a fancy degree he gets to go write about “how to be in shape” on big websites. Please be a critical thinker and take advice from people who know what they’re talking about.

The reason I say this is because I want YOU… yes YOU to know that you can trust what I’m talking about. If you follow these 7 steps I’m about to give you to a T, you’ll put on incredible size in no time.

Boost Testosterone

The first step to fixing your skinny buff physique is to have high testosterone.


It’s pretty hard to lose weight or build muscle without it. There’s a reason why females have a harder time building muscle compared to men. We’re filled (at least supposed to be) with testosterone and women aren’t.

Unfortunately, our modern society isn’t great for testosterone at all. Everything from food to plastics kills your driving force.

I actually wrote an in depth post on this on 7 easy ways to boost testosterone which you can check out for a more detailed guide. If you’re just skimming or don’t have time, here they are:

  • Lift heavy weights
  • Supplement ZMA
  • Consume healthy fat
  • Eliminate stress
  • Get 8-9 hours of sleep
  • Avoid soy
  • Avoid BPAs

By boosting your testosterone, you are guaranteed to go from skinny to buff fast. Even if you don’t see immediate gains, you are still setting yourself up for success.

Eat… A LOT

When I put on 30 lbs of muscle in 6 months, I ate a whopping 4,000 calories every. single. day. There was no exception. That’s probably double what most of you are eating, and it wasn’t junk food either.

Here’s a little sample of my bulking food to show you what I mean:

Breakfast:5 Eggs
6 oz beef
1 mass gainer shake
Morning snack:Bagel
Protein bar
Lunch:2 cups rice
8 oz chicken
Pre workout snack:Banana
Power bar
Pre workout
DinnerUsually steak and potatoes/rice
Must add up to 1k calories
Pre bed snackProtein shake
2 hard boiled eggs

This totaled up to 4,000 calories. While I would always change up the spices I use to keep me sane, this was my diet for 6 months. It worked too.

There were nights where I was so full I ate until I puked *which I don’t recommend you do because you lose all of your calories.

Most of you have no clue how much you’re eating. Track. Your. Calories. It’s a pain to do at first, but once you get in the habit it’s pretty easy. What gets measured gets managed.

Use High Volume Training

Skinny Buff

Old school golden era bodybuilders like Arnold or Clancy Ross used tons of high volume training. It’s no secret that these bodybuilders were the best at putting on mass, especially compared to bodybuilders nowadays.

Golden era bodybuilding was packed with high volume training. The lowest reps they would do for mass was 5, and still had lots of sets.

I used high volume training when I did my first serious bulk that packed on serious muscle mass, and let me tell you- it worked.

While it does take longer due to more volume, it will make you bigger and more aesthetic than low volume training. Plus, you get amazing pumps with this type of training.

Fix your skinny buff physique.

Be Patient

You won’t be able to look like a professional bodybuilder just because you lift weights for a couple weeks. In fact, it will take months and sometimes years.

Unless you hop on PED’s, (which I don’t recommend you do especially if you’re just starting) obtaining a good physique will take time.

Just trust the process.

Skinny buff.

Isolation + Compound Exercises

Skinny Buff

Did you know that the best way to go from skinny to buff is to use isolation and compound exercises?

Let me explain-

A compound exercise is something that uses multiple different muscle groups to lift weights. Bench press, chin ups and squats are an example of this.

Isolation reps are icing on the cake. Bicep curls, tricep extensions and hamstring curls are all examples of isolation reps.

Start off your workouts with compound lifts, and then finish with isolation reps. Obviously, compound lifts are going to be heavier, and isolation lifts lighter.

Utilize Bulking Supplements

Skinny buff

The best way to fix a skinny buff appearance is to use tons of supplements with your diet.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on supplements from GNC and other mainstream stores that simply don’t work.

Here are the ones that do:

  • Protein powder
  • Mass gainer
  • Ashwagandha (R)
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Creatine
  • Pre workout

Those six supplements are designed to help you get nutrients in, supercharge your workouts, and skyrocket your testosterone. Check out my guide on the best bulking supplements for skinny guys for a more in depth review.

Bulking supplements are how you can fix a skinny buff physique.

Use Supersets

Skinny buff

Supersets are when you do one exercise and immediately do another after.

An example of supersets is:

Hammer curls followed by concentration curls.

Supersets are a great way to work a muscle group twice as hard, and in less time. Another method you can use while supersetting if you’re really pressed for time is to do two separate muscle groups. For example: Tricep extensions supersetted with chest flies.

Super sets are how you can improve a skinny buff physique.

Skinn buff

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