The 5 Best Pre-Workouts To Get Jacked In 2023: (#4 Is Insane)

best pre workouts

Everyone wants to get their hands on one of the best pre workouts to get jacked. Unfortunately, there’s thousands of pre-workouts out there, and too many to choose from.

Some pre-workouts make your face tingle.

Other actually give you energy.

Some pre-workouts actually do more harm than good, causing you to crash.

And finally, there are the top 1%, the best pre-workouts. Those are the ones I will be reviewing for you today. Let’s get into it.

Best Pre-Workouts: Overview


nitraflex pre workout

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Beyond Raw Lit

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Bucked Up

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Gorilla Mode

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Zeus Juice

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Why Do You Need Pre-Workout?

best pre-workouts for energy

You need pre-workout for tons of different reasons. There’s really no downside to pre-workout either.

Reasons you need pre-workout:

  • Gets You Energized For The Gym
  • Muscle Mind Connection
  • Get Better Workouts
  • Better Recovery
  • Fat Loss

Getting energized for the gym is #1 on this list because that’s the main reason we take it. After being in school all day or at work, we’re naturally going to have less energy. Maybe you didn’t get a good nights sleep. Either way, pre-workout gives you the energy you need to get a good workout in.

A muscle mind connection is also critical if you want to get jacked. Yes, pre workout actually does this. Our muscle movement and strength are actually determined by our brains, which is connected to the nervous system. The nervous system drives our muscles, telling them how hard and how long they need to be used. Muscle movement being in the brain. Pre-workout with nootropic qualities are amazing at this.

Getting better workouts is also another reason why we take pre-workout. It’s not hard to see why. Pre-workout is literally a boost to our workouts, so why not take it?

The right pre-workouts have critical ingredients such as beta alanine and creatine that help build muscles. These supplements are great at building muscles and helping muscles recover. Pre-workout also increases blood flow to the muscles to clear out waste and help the muscles repair faster.

Pre-workouts also help you lose fat. I know this sounds crazy, but knowing the concept of thermogenics helps. Think of your metabolism as a furnace- the more you turn it up the more it burns. Pre-workout containing ingredients such as caffeine and yohimbine are clinically proven to speed up your metabolism. A high metabolism = fat loss.

Top Pre-Workouts

Usage:Pre-workout type:
Best pre-workouts for menNitraflex
High stim pre-workoutGorilla Mode
Best pre-workout for a pumpBucked Up (Woke AF)
Best nootropic pre-workoutBeyond Raw Lit
Best pre-workout for strengthZeus Juice

Best Pre-Workout For Men: (Nitraflex)

nitraflex pre workout

Nitraflex is the best pre-workout for men due to its testosterone boosting qualities. Aside from a great pump, nitraflex boosts your testosterone.

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Nitraflex contains Calcium Fructopyranose Borate, or CFB for short. CFB is shown to boost testosterone by over 28% (R). That’s quite a bit of testosterone boost for a pre-workout.

Aside from nitraflexes testosterone boosting qualities, it also gives you tons of energy.

Nitraflex Benefits:

  • Boosts testosterone
  • Boosts endurance
  • Improves strength
  • Crazy pump

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High Stim Pre-Workout: (Gorilla Mode)

Ah yes, gorilla mode. Gorilla mode is quite possibly the best pre workout on the market right now, and it’s no surprise why when you look at the ingredients.

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This pre-workout contains 350 milligrams of caffeine (which is a lot compared to most pre-workouts). It also has 5 grams of creatine, so you don’t have to take your creatine with your pre-workout.

The ingredients in gorilla mode make you locked in, energized, and stimulated.

Gorilla Mode Benefits:

  • High stimulant
  • Gives tons of energy (high caffeine)
  • “Locked in” feeling
  • Great ingredient formula

Best Pre-Workout For A Pump: (Bucked Up)

Bucked up is a newer pre-workout gaining popularity among young gym bros. It’s one of the best pre-workouts for a pump because of the ingredients it contains.

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It’s well known that if you want to get a muscle pump, you need high vascularity and nitric oxide boosting ingredients.

Bucked Up contains Himalayan rock salt and sodium. Those two ingredients are crucial for getting a great pump before your workout. Aside from that, bucked up also gives you tons of energy because of its high caffeine content.

Bucked Up Benefits:

  • Great pump
  • Energy boost
  • Tastes good
  • Muscle building ingredients

Best Nootropic Pre-Workout (Beyond Raw Lit)

Beyond Raw Lit is best known for it’s nootropic qualities. You won’t just get energy from this pre-workout, you’ll get focused too.

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While beyond raw lit doesn’t have as much caffeine as other pre-workouts, it makes up for it with it’s nootropic ingredients. ElevATP and neuro factor are the nootropic ingredients in this pre-workout. ElevATP is shown to have mind boosting effects, along with neuro factor.

Beyond Raw Lit Benefits:

  • Brain boost (nootropic)
  • Energy boost
  • “Locked in” feeling

Best Pre-Workout For Strength (Zeus Juice)

Zeus Juice is one of the best pre-workouts on the market because of its amazing ingredients. It makes me feel ready to run through a wall when I take it.

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Use the code “gymbros” for 10% off Zeus Juice!

One thing I noticed when taking Zeus Juice was that I didn’t have a pre-workout crash… I kept most of the energy it gave me throughout the day. I also lifted more when I did it. For example, when I used it on chest/back day, I was benching more than usual.

Zeus Juice Benefits:

  • Great pump
  • Amazing focus
  • Strength

Best-Pre Workouts To Get Jacked Conclusion:

All in all, these are the best pre-workouts to get jacked in my experience. This list is subject to change. Drop a comment with your favorite pre-workouts that you think other should try!

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